Meeting the young future HR talent in Pretoria by Marius Meyer

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April 25, 2018
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April 27, 2018

“Our most grave and most pressing challenge is youth unemployment. It is therefore a matter of great urgency that we draw young people in far greater numbers into productive economic activity. Young South Africans will be moved to the centre of our economic agenda.  If we are to respond effectively to the needs of the youth, it is essential that young people articulate their views.”

– President Cyril Ramaphosa


On 18 April 2018 the SABPP management team met with academics and students from the University of Pretoria. Curriculum development were discussed with the Head of the Department, Professor Alewyn Nel and his team.

HR students are organised in HR Tuks, the student association of the University of Pretoria as part of the HR Academic Department at the University. The HR Tuks Committee of the university, under the leadership of Chairperson Frank Wilkinson and Vice-chairperson, Chrisna Minnaar shared their vision and projects for the year with the SABPP management team. It was evident that the young HR talent of the University of Pretoria, most of them in their third and last year of study before obtaining their degree, is getting ready to enter the workplace by the end of the year.

HR Tuks students meeting with SABPP on 18 April

In the interest of HR youth empowerment and talent development, SABPP agreed to work much closer with the HR Tuks student group.  What impressed me the most of this group of young future HR talent, is their commitment to the HR profession at this early stage of their career. Also, they are on a mission to meet with HR Managers to learn about the expectations and needs of the HR professional community. They have therefore invited HR Managers to meet with them on 11 May.  The purpose of this session is to introduce the students to HR Managers, to exchange ideas, build relationships and to learn about business expectations and needs.

HR students are the future HR talent pipeline. Let us engage with the HR youth.  I am inspired by the energy, commitment, passion, knowledge and professionalism of the HR Tuks student group at the University of Pretoria. They already worked through the 13 HR Standards in class.  I hope you can join us in meeting them.  They are now part of the SABPP family and the broader HR community. Let us heed President Ramaphosa’s call and empower our youth.

For more information about HR Tuks, visit them on Instagram @hr_tuks and for SABPP @sabpp_1 or on Twitter @sabpp1 and website

HR and Talent Managers interested to meet the students, please confirm your company participation, please let us know on or telephone (010) 007 5906

Marius Meyer is CEO of the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP).