SABPP Celebrating 15 years of HR quality assurance as the “HR SETA” by Marius Meyer

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December 8, 2017
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January 11, 2018
Today we celebrate 15 years since SABPP was approved by SAQA as the quality assurance body for HR learning provision. Interestingly, SABPP is also 35 years old this year. Now under the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) system we continue providing quality assurance for occupational qualifications. This is a significant milestone for SABPP to celebrate these 15 years, given the importance of quality assurance of learning.

Although our ETQA quality assurance started in 2002, we were actually busy with university accreditation for the HR profession since 1990, which means that as a professional body we are part of the higher education and training quality assurance environment for almost 30 years. That is one of the reasons why we also award higher education accreditation certification to the University of Pretoria and Southern Business School today.

The word “quality” is what this is all about. And as the great quality gurus have reminded us in the past “quality is in the eyes of the beholder.”  Today I want to use the word “quality” as an acronym reminding us of the essence of what quality is all about.

On behalf of the SABPP Board we want to acknowledge the SABPP learning and quality assurance (LQA) management and staff, and all our LQA committee members for ensuring the above successes during the last 15 years.  Naren Vassan, Ronel Coetzee and Derisha Pillay are the stars of this small, yet dynamic team.  At this point, let me also congratulate Derisha on successful completing her honours degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Johannesburg. This is what excellence is all about.

In addition, a special word of thanks to the Chairperson of the LQA Committee, Bebe Oyegun for providing strategic and governance leadership to the LQA.  Furthermore, we want to thank all our Learning and Development professionals for their hard work and dedication in doing good professional work at their organisations.

Let us reflect on our successes, but also be open and honest in dealing with all challenges and problems we need to confront as true professionals who are always ready to improve the status quo.  We trust that the new LQA system is a clear example of our commitment to improve our interaction with you and your learners. This is why I like the terminology of quality partners. We are partners in quality assurance (both internally and externally) in assuring the best possible quality for our learners.

As learning providers you also have full access to the SABPP resources, i.e. our HR Standards, HR Competencies and recently developed Leadership Standard. In fact, I want to encourage you to also take the leadership standard to your staff, your learners and corporate clients.  The latest corporate scandal at Steinhoff is yet another start reminder of the need for all of us in building leadership skills and capacity in South Africa, let alone the leadership challenges we face in government.  South Africans now need good leadership to take our country forward in the years to come.

Wishing you all a good period of well-deserved rest and festive season during the December holidays – a time for friends and family and rejuvenation until we are ready to continue with our learning and professional quality assurance work when we return to the learning space in 2018.


SABPP greetings

Marius Meyer

Chief Executive Officer: SABPP

The above paper is a summary of the speech delivered by Marius Meyer at the 15th Anniversary function of the Learning and Quality Assurance Department of SABPP on 8 December 2017.  More information about SABPP is available on