How to get ready

The audit process offers an independent, risk-based review of the organisation’s HR strategy, policies, and practices against the National HRM Standards.

An organisation implementing the HRM System Model and Standard will typically follow the next three stages to prepare for an HR Audit:

T he SABPP, with many years of experience as a SAQA approved quality assurance body as well as being a SAQA recognised professional body, has the necessary expertise to manage this independent audit body. The governance of the HR Audit Unit is of the highest standard which is overseen by the HR Audit Council which reports to the SABPP Board.
T he Lead Auditors and Auditors, who are all experienced HR Professionals, go through a stringent selection, training, and selection process to qualify them to be part of the audit teams. Only SABPP certified HR Auditors may audit companies against the 13 HR standard elements. The SABPP Audit Unit is the only body authorised to issue HR Audit certification.

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