Our Strategy


The following strategic model has been approved for SABPP from 2016-2018 (the term of the 12th Board).

The 4P’s strategic model consists of 4 main elements guiding SABPP as a professional body driving HR Professionalism from the outside-in:

1. The 4 pillars of a professional body: Knowledge, Ethics, Governance, Duty to society (based on Master’s degree dissertation of previous CEO of SABPP, Huma van Rensburg - UP and PhD thesis of Penny Abbott - UJ); 2. The 4 principles or values of our professional code (Responsibility, Integrity, Competence, Respect); 3. The top 6 products of SABPP (HR Standards, Audits, Competencies, Metrics, Academy, Quality Assurance); 4. The 7 strategic priorities forming the acronym HR Voice (HR Governance, Research, Value & Visibility, Optimising alliances, Innovation & Technology, CPD, Excellence).

Key changes from HR Voice I to II are as follows:

  • The 4 pillars of the profession are retained but self-governance changed to “governance” only (to emphasise our commitment to integrated thinking in improving our own governance as a professional body);
  • Our 4 values (or principles guiding our behaviour) are made explicit in the model;
  • Human Resource Development replaced with HR Governance (to reflect our strategic assurance role with standards, audits, metrics, competencies and to move all HRD elements to Quality Assurance and under CPD where relevant);
  • Technology is added to Innovation (to make the strategic importance of technology more visible);
  • Open for alliances is replaced with Optimising alliances (depicting the shift from open collaboration to more specific and value-adding alliances – rather less alliances that are focused and delivering more benefits);
  • Active citizenship is added at the bottom of the model (as the foundation for making a difference to the country and its people – e.g. HR Citizen Initiative).
An implementation plan addressing the 7 strategic priorities is available in the next section.


The SABPP Management team and some of the Board Members (Mpolai Liau, Karel Stanz, Thandi Thankge, Frank de Beer) participated in a strategic planning session on 18 April 2016. Prior to that the management team brainstormed their inputs for refining the strategy. The purpose of the expanded Board/Management strategic session was to execute the Board mandate of reviewing the current HR Voice strategy implemented from 2011 to 2015 and to consider improvements or refocus for the next cycle of strategic formulation and implementation (2016-2018) by the new Board of SABPP. The session was facilitated by a Governance, Risk and Compliance Specialist, Advocate Nomsa Wabanie-Mazibuko MHRP. The SABPP Board approved the new vision, mission and strategy in August 2016.

SABPP Branding & Strategy

The HR professional body and learning quality assurance body for South Africa, the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) starts the year 2012 with a new brand, following an intensive four month rebranding process. Says Marius Meyer, CEO of SABPP: “I am proud to announce that the conceptualisation phase of our rebranding process has now been completed.” The logo as image for the new brand moving forward from the 1982 brand is as follows:

Meaning for SABPP | Colour Representation

Our beautiful African sunsets put light on the work we do. Orange is symbolic of our strength and endurance.
Our rich red blood makes us human. Red symbolises our courage, action and determination to champion the HR profession. While we our transforming ourselves to a high impact professional body, red emphasises the continuation of the SABPP legacy and our heritage given our 30 years of sustainability.
The dark brown or tan colour constitutes the Africa soil where SABPP’s roots are firmly planted – a rich past and a solid future as a united community of HR professionals on the African continent.
Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy. As HR professionals we bring a warming effect to work places, we arouse cheerfulness, stimulate mental activity and unleash the potential and energy of people in pursuit of business objectives.

Building on the historic colours, the new colour coding is remarkably similar to celebrate our 30 year heritage, yet the colour palet is repositioned in a new and refreshing way to highlight a dynamic approach to transforming the SABPP brand.

But what is the meaning of the new image? It represents people at the centre of what we do at SABPP, we are the custodian for people practices in organisations. People are illustrated in different colours to represent the diversity of all cultures, races and other forms of diversity. The four images also represent the four pillars of professionalism, i.e. knowledge, ethics, self-governance and our duty to society in order to remind ourselves of our four critical roles as HR professionals. Moreover, the four images highlight our four service and standards functions:

HR professional services and standards
Learning and quality assurance
Stakeholder relations