The SABPP Women’s Report 2015

2014 | Work and women's reproductive health

Women’s pay from an equal pay for equal value.

This year’s Women’s Report has a primary focus on women’s pay from an equal pay for equal value perspective. The Employment Equity Act was amended at the end of last year placing a greater burden on organisations to ensure that men and women (and other diversity categories) are equally remunerated for work of equal value. The Women’s Report is yet again timely and brings evidence-based research together with workplace applications.

The chapters covered in this year’s report bear testimony of the high caliber of contributor that the women’s report has enjoyed over the past 5 years. The chapters are:

  1. Reasons for the gender pay gap — what HR practitioners should know (Prof Anita Bosch, UJ)
  2. The gender pay audit — practical steps for multi-national and local companies (Mrs Italia Boninelli, Executive Vice-President of People and Organizational Development, Anglogold Ashanti)
  3. The gender pay gap — a boardroom perspective (Prof Mark Bussin, Visiting Professor UJ, and Dr Ronel Nienaber, Vice President Global Rewards, Sasol)
  4. The practical application of the legal principle of equal value to women’s pay (Prof Hugo Pienaar, Director in Employment Law, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc)

We recommend that every leader that manages people, takes some time to glance through the report in order to start appreciating the complexity of gender differentials in pay. Unfortunately it is not as simple as merely comparing a man’s pay with that of a woman’s. Intricate gender-based nuances lead to pay practices that are often unquestioned – but more about that in the report.

The report is available as a free download on the SABPP website. Please follow the link below to download this report.

Dr. Anita Bosch

August 2015