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Before you start the online application process please ensure that you have the following documents ready:

1. Detailed CV
2. Certified copy of your ID
3. Certified copies of your Qualifications (post matric)
4. Organisational Chart /Organogram (for HR Professional level and above).

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Individual membership registration criteria and fees

The current fees to register individuals are as follows (1-9 members per organisation):

HR Professional levels and criteria First time registration by evaluation of qualifications and experience You will then need to renew your registration each year. The current annual renewal fees are:
MASTER HR PROFESSIONAL Completed HR Related Doctorate/ Masters + 6 yrs top management level experience + organogram + Board Exams Level 1 & 2 R3 897.00 R2 107.00
CHARTERED HR PROFESSIONAL Completed 4yr HR related honours + 4 yrs senior HR management level experience + organogram + Board Exams Level 1 & 2 R3 201.00 R1 814.00
HR PROFESSIONAL Completed 3 yr HR related degree/diploma + 3 yrs middle management experience + organogram + Board Exams Level 1 R2 511.00 R1 527.00
HR ASSOCIATE Completed 2 yr HR related diploma + 2 yrs HR experience + Board Exams Level 1 R1 740.00 R1 135.00
HR TECHNICIAN Completed 1 yr HR related certificate + 1 yr. HR experience R1 461.00 R847.00
HR CANDIDATE PROGRAMME Completed 3/4 yrs HR related degree/diploma and be gainfully employed R3 026.32 No renewal fee
Application for Upgrade to higher level of Registration R 958.33

* All members who obtained qualifications from non-SABPP accredited universities or training providers will be expected to undergo the SABPP Board Exams.
*Note, Newly qualified and employed graduates may apply for the Candidate Development Programme.
*Note, this is only a quick reference to the 3 criteria used, the committee will decide on your final level on the quality of evidence submitted.
*From July to August 2019, these first-time registration fees are discounted as a year progresses, in accordance with the following table:

Evaluation monthsJAN - JUNEJULY – SEPTOCT - NOV

Note: Renewal invoices are issued in October, and new registrations from October onwards include renewal for the following year.

What are the benefits of registering with SABPP?

  • An independent assessment of the professional level of work and NQF level of the HR practitioner (certificate);
  • A clear description of the national standards (in terms of qualifications, experience, level of work and ethics) expected of HR practitioners;
  • Official professional post nominal titles for registered HR practitioners (HRT, HRA, HRP, CHRP, MHRP) in accordance with the NQF Act (67 of 2008).
  • Ex-officio commissioners of oaths according to Act 16 of 1963.
  • An indication of further development required to upgrade to higher levels of registration (e.g. what additional qualifications, development, experience and level of work are required to progress to higher levels);
  • Participation in our national electronic CPD (continuous professional development) system;
  • Access to further discounts to attend seminars and conferences;
  • Full access to participate in or influence national HR research, development and benchmarking projects;
  • Involvement in projects and committees, e.g. Learning, Growth and Development Initiative;
  • Forums to voice concerns to be tabled collectively with relevant stakeholders (e.g. labour laws);
  • Access opportunities for mentoring;
  • Opportunities to provide inputs into HR curriculums at universities via the SABPP Higher Education committee;
  • Upload of your professional designation on the National Learner’s Records Database at SAQA.
  • Access to information and the work of our alliance partners (ASTD, HCI, EGN, COMENSA, ISPI, HRDUF etc.) to strengthen the HR profession;
  • Registration fee is tax deductible where an individual consultant or self-employed professional pays the fee him/herself.
  • Information on the New National HR Competency Model, and HR Standards and Metrics projects.
  • Participation in discussion forums on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of SABPP?
SABPP is the professional body for HR practitioners in South Africa, as well as quality assurance body for HR learning provision. SABPP also accredits the HR academic programs of universities.

If I failed to meet the due date for paying my renewal fee, will there be a penalty interest charged?

Yes, we always send the renewal invoices mid-October for the following year where we offer a 5% discount if payment is received from October to December. We do not allow the 5% discounts when payments are made from the 1st of January to the 31st March. However, we charge penalty interest after a certain period, as follows:

  • Renewals paid after the 31st of March you pay 5% penalty

Renewal payments outstanding and not paid after the 1st of September of the current year may lead to suspension or deregistration of membership.

If I register today, and improve my qualification, experience and level of work, can my registration be upgraded to a higher level?

Yes, certainly. The cost for application for an upgrade to a higher level of registration is a non-refundable fee of R958,33. An independent registration committee of senior HR practitioners meet monthly to process applications and to jointly decide on which level they will register HR Professionals. You will need to complete the Upgrade Application Form. Please attach any new qualifications and give us a proper motivation for the upgrade request.

I am a specialist and not an HR generalist like my other colleagues, can I still register?
Absolutely! You can either register as an HR generalist, or a specialist in any of the categories below:
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Learning and development
  • Remuneration
  • Employment relations
  • Safety, health and environment
  • Mentoring and /or Coaching
  • Organisation development
  • HR Information Systems
  • HR Administration
  • Productivity

We are a team of several HR professionals. Can we apply for group registration?

A group membership option has been created to offer discounts for organizations seeking to register ten (10) or more HR practitioners. However, each individual still needs to complete an individual registration form, but one person inside the company acts as the central coordinator. The group registration fee structure is as follows:

110-20 HR Staff members7.5%
221-50 HR Staff members15%
351-100 HR Staff members20%
4101-150 HR Staff members25%
5151-200 HR Staff members30%
6201+ HR Staff members35%

Renewal fees are payable annually. Given the size of large companies, and possible budgetary restraints, companies may either pay the fees for their staff members, or subsidies the fees for individuals as part of its retention or employee development strategies. Be that as it may, registered practitioners may continue with their membership if they move from one company to the next. The professional registration of HR Professionals at SABPP is in line with the NQF Act and SAQA policy on professional bodies, and therefore formally endorses the principles of ethics, professionalism and continuous professional development.

Can I participate in one of the SABPP committees?

Absolutely! Please contact our office for access to the chairs of any of the following committees:

  • Learning and Development
  • Ethics Committee
  • Human Resource Research Initiative
  • Registration Committee
  • Learning and Quality Assurance
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Higher Education
  • Labour Market
  • Mentoring
  • HR Metrics
  • Risk & Audit
  • Provincial
  • HR Citizenship
  • Change Management
  • HR Governance

What is the future vision of SABPP?

Our new strategy revolves around increased visibility in the HR and business and government market to ensure that we become the champion for high quality HR products and services, and to advance the HR profession nationally. We will become more visible in all the provinces and expand across the African continent.

Where can I find more information about SABPP?

You are most welcome to visit our website on or by contacting any of our friendly staff members. Their contact details are as follows:

T: +27 11 045 5400


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