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November 6, 2019
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November 13, 2019

Dear HR/IP Class of 2019

The SA Board for People Practices (SABPP), the HR professional and accreditation body would like to wish you all the best for your HR and Industrial Psychology exams this November.   We realise that studying at higher education level is a stressful yet rewarding experience and is the gateway to your future. It is the key that will open countless doors to the opportunities that await you when you enter the HR profession.  This year we visited several campuses, and it was wonderful interacting with many of you in both city and rural campuses from the Western Cape all the way to Limpopo, as well as liaising with your academic, management and administrative staff at your university.  

A new milestone last year has been the launch of the HR Youth Council representing the chairpersons from the top SABPP student chapters. We are so proud of all the universities with active student chapters representing their students at a national level. The HR Youth Council is the collective voice of SABPP Student Chapter leaders taking the professional interest of HR students forward at a national level, including representing SABPP at policy and governance levels affecting the youth of South Africa.  

The year 2019 will  be remembered as the third year of our annual HR student awards, congratulations to all the finalists and winners this year. HR student success is key to setting the bar high for the HR youth at our campuses all over the country.   These annual awards are issued by SABPP to recognise top HR students from different universities.  Finalists from different universities were present at the HR Universities Forum held in Cape Town at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology this year.  In addition to academic performance, the top students were asked to present to a panel of experts,  consisting of academics from different universities, as well as a publishing company manager.  At the end of the awards process, the top students in South Africa were announced and we want to congratulate all the top students, and in particular the national winner, Genevieve McGowan from Walter Sisulu University for being the best HR student in the country this year.

The purpose of the awards is to advance and celebrate HR student excellence in South Africa as part of building the HR profession with young talent from universities.  SABPP has several student chapters at universities to assist HR students on the journey towards preparing to enter the HR profession once they complete their studies. Students are connected to HR Managers in industry and they are encouraged to engage in community projects as active young citizens of South Africa.  This is the reason why good marks are so important during the exams so that you may qualify for next years’ awards.  We also want to encourage all other universities to observe their students’ performance and to nominate the top performers for the 2020 awards. Therefore, your academic performance is important, not only to qualify for the annual awards, but to prepare yourself to enter the HR profession on completion of your studies. 

We want to thank you for all the hard work and sacrifice with your studies this year.   We also want to acknowledge your lecturers and support staff for the effort they have put in to guide you with the academic and administrative side of your studies.   We trust that you will be rewarded with good marks to open the door for a bright future as an HR professional in practice.  Please keep on engaging with us on facebook and twitter @SABPP1 and Instagram @sabpp_1.  Your university supported you for the last few years, while SABPP is your lifelong professional partner for the next 45 years.  You have learned a lot this year, but this is only the beginning of the path towards life-long learning, personal growth and professionalism.  

As a professional body, let us also remind you of our code of conduct. Please do not allow yourselves to be tempted in any way to resort to any unethical examination practice. Study hard and get the marks you deserve. Also, we realise that exam time often creates additional levels of stress and anxiety among students and we therefore want to encourage you to make use of the professional and psychological services provided by your university if you feel that you are struggling to cope. Your mental health is key to your success as a student at university.

The journey that you began in January with your study year is about to reach its end and we, SABPP, will be at the finish line celebrating your academic results with you.  Please let us know on facebook, instagram or twitter the moment you receive any good news about your marks from your university.  You will remember how we challenged you not to be a 50% achiever when we visited you at your campus earlier this year. The HR and business market needs you to excel, in fact South Africa really needs you to achieve your best as a top performing HR student and future HR professional.  

Please stay connected with us on twitter @SABPP1 and @MariusSABPP and @xolani_mawande during and after the exams.  We will keep on to publish articles, as well as job and internship opportunities for you on twitter.  Our relationship has only started and we are ready to take it to a new level of significance during 2020. Moreover, the year 2020 is around the corner and we are excited that you will be part of the cohort of young people strategy champions joining the workplace in the 2020-2030 era, a period that SABPP will prioritise as one of the most significant people-technology times in the history of humankind. You will be at the centre of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as you enter the workplace in the years to come. The workplace needs you, and the successful completion of your studies is thus a key milestone in your HR and/or industrial psychology career.

Wishing you a successful exam with super results!

SABPP Greetings