October 17, 2018

How should HR prepare for the future world of work in Industry 4.0? by Frank Wilkinson

Industry 4.0 is upon us, and she brings with her a number of incredible opportunities, but the fourth industrial revolution is not going to occur without […]
October 17, 2018


Dear HR Class of 2018 The SA Board for People Practices (SABPP), the HR professional and accreditation body would like to wish you all the best […]
October 9, 2018

Uncovering the Fourth Industrial Revolution as HR professionals by Ryan Gossayn

There are 3 key factors of change that needs to be addressed: HR should start planning for the social as well as the organisational changes that […]
October 5, 2018

THE FUTURE WORKPLACE: 20 Questions for HR Managers by Marius Meyer

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and the key question is whether we are ready to embrace it, exploit all opportunities and manage any risks.  The […]
September 11, 2018

Who Pays your Salary? by Peter Streng

“My employer” you will say! Wrong! So, who does then? Why, your organisations’ clients, customers, members or donors (as the case may be) of course! As Sam […]
September 11, 2018

Welcoming a new Employee by Peter Streng

Did you know that one of the main reasons why new recruits don’t stay the course is that, once they start their new jobs they are […]
September 11, 2018

The Workplace through the Lens of Attitude by Gcina Mthembu

The South African workforce is operating under volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) times. Another writer said that VUCA times is a catchall for “Hey, it’s […]
September 11, 2018

Employee Surveys: Do they work? by Peter Streng

Of course they do!Why some Employee Surveys fail to deliver the expected results, is not because of the Survey per se, but because the entire process […]
September 11, 2018

Acceptance Speech by Marius Meyer on receipt of Honorary Doctoral Degree from The Vaal University of Technology on 11 September 2018

Chancellor, Dr Xolani Mkhwanazi Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gordon Zide Members of Council Valued Partners from Business and Industry Members of various Media Houses Staff, Trade Unions, Student […]