Employment equity and diversity management standard: An opportunity to transform organisations by Marius Meyer
May 3, 2018
CELEBRATING OUR #EEDT WINNERS: SABPP gives awards to leaders in employment equity, diversity and transformation by Marius Meyer
May 28, 2018

A special word of congratulations to all the winners, and well done to all the finalists for getting so close.  All of the finalists are Employment Equity Leaders. It is our hope that all the success stories celebrated tonight will inspire other companies to accelerate their Employment Equity, Diversity and Transformation (EEDT) Plans.  These companies have excelled in EEDT. They did not make the normal excuses by some other companies stating that they can’t find the right talent from designated groups. Rather, they decided to be proactive in implementing effective EEDT in the workplace.

A special word of thank you the following people for making this special celebration possible:

  • Our guest speaker tonight, Mr Bonang Mohale, CEO of Business Leadership SA for your inspiring words. We can assure you that the SABPP members will support you and the BLSA companies to accelerate EEDT in the workplace;
  • The SABPP judges, thank you for the days and many hours of hard work and adjudicating all the submissions, you all played a key role in helping us to find the winners for the awards;
  • All the entrants and finalists, thank you for the great submissions and the good work you are doing to advance EEDT at your organisations;
  • The winners – you are the superstars tonight, congratulations with the excellent work you are doing in accelerating EEDT in the workplace, we also want to thank you for presenting your success stories as case studies tomorrow to inspire others to follow your example;
  • The SABPP, EES-Siyaka and TDCI teams for your efforts in making this event a possibility. A special word of thanks to the MD od EES-Siyaka, Jan Munnik for all the hard work in making this event a reality, likewise Nat Mbengwa and John Dickerson from EES-Siyaka and Marius Pretorius from TDCI for your work over a period of almost a year is much appreciated. To all the SABPP staff members who contributed to the event, but in particular the SABPP Marketing Officer, Ceanne Schultz who played the lead role in planning and executing the awards evening, thank you Ceanne!
  • We want to thank all delegates tonight for celebrating the EEDT successes over the last year, we hope that some of you will also enter for the awards next year;
  • Lastly, thank you the SABPP Chairperson, Siphiwe Moyo for chairing our awards evening tonight.Your sense of humour, coupled with your sense of seriousness reminds us that EEDT is a serious issue, but as South Africans we must also have fun while transforming our organisations.
  • But the celebrations don’t end tonight. Tomorrow we want to share the lessons learned at the 8thAnnual EEDT Summit. In addition to the 7 case study presenters we also want to thank the Employment Equity Commission and the Black Management Forum for their participation in the summit tomorrow.

As Chair of the HR Governance Committee of SABPP, I want to emphasise that employment equity is an HR Governance issue, we will continue to position EEDT as key imperatives for creating more equal and inclusive workplaces. We are asking all HR Professionals registered with SABPP to continue being change agents of transformation in the workplace.  Good HR practices are the building blocks of effective EEDT, thus let us continue to do good HR work and enable our management teams to play their role as champions of transformation.  As HR Professionals we say no to slow transformation and yes to accelerating transformation.  Let us do whatever it takes to create equality in the workplace, now is the time for HR to rise to the occasion and enable our CEOs to become top leaders in transformation.  Next year, we will meet again at our 2n Annual EEDT Awards function and we will share more successes. Yes, while there may be challenges, we will work through these challenges while ensuring effective EEDT in the workplace.

Good night to all of you, drive safely and see you at the summit tomorrow!


Elizabeth Dhlamini-Kumalo is the Chairperson of the SABPP HR Governance Committee