SABPP Precautionary Health Measures for COVID-19

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March 12, 2020
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March 18, 2020

Dear valued members and other stakeholders:

The SABPP has been closely following the national and international developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We, in fact, have already published two blogs related to the disease. Subsequently, following the President’s address to the nation related to the COVID-19 disease on Sunday, the SABPP has decided to take various important steps, which will be detailed in this communique. It is of utmost priority for SABPP that our members and our staff are least affected by the virus itself and also, the agitations related to the important precautionary measures to ensure the containment of the Coronavirus.

Firstly, we have postponed all large events scheduled for the next 60 days. We adhere to the President’s guidelines on this matter, and while this has severe implications for the business of SABPP, we have put the safety of our members and staff first. We hope that members will support us by not cancelling attendance. We are urgently looking at online mediums to continue our interactions with our members and will keep you posted regarding the same. Smaller trainings will be managed on a case-by-case basis. Members will be informed in time to make related arrangements.

Next, we have given our staff members clear guidelines regarding how they can reduce exposure to themselves and to members. All employees will practice social distancing and hygiene procedures. Sanitisers have been made available in the office, and each employee will be given individual bottles. To ensure business continuity, we have implemented a batch approach such that half of the SABPP employees work from office at a given time. The other half continue to work, albeit from home. The batch approach reduces the risk of exposure, and in case any one of us are infected, the batch can be quarantined without affecting business. Additionally, we have organised carpools to reduce our employees’ dependence on public transport. Deep cleaning will be done once a week when transitioning from one batch to another.

Regarding interactions with members and other stakeholders, we encourage online video and telephonic interactions where possible. If you are looking to communicate with a staff member, and they may be working from home, the office will connect you with the individual. All business transactions will carry on as usual, but with reduced physical interaction as is viable. However, you are welcome to come to our offices, if necessary, as we believe that if the environment is safe for our employees, it is also safe for our members.

We have developed these measures and taken these efforts to remain open and fully functional, so that members can still benefit from our varied services and offerings with reduced inconvenience. It is important that we do not let the economy fail in the process of keeping ourselves safe. It is therefore business as usual with clear precautionary measures in place.

Please let us know if you would like any further information from our side.

Stay clean and stay safe.

SABPP Greetings,


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