HR Learnerships


Learnerships registered with Department of Labour

1. FET Certificate: HR Management & Practices Support (ID 49691) Level 4: L/Ship Number 21Q210014331404
2. National Diploma : HR Management & Practices (ID 49692) Level 5: L/Ship Number 29Q290032402495
3. National Certificate : Productivity (ID 49793) Level 5 : L/Ship Number 13Q130049161245

The SABPP Learnership Process

1. Inform the SABPP as soon as possible of plans for a learnership are being made.
2. Please note that only SABPP accredited Providers may be used for Learnerships (see list of Providers on our website).
3. Ensure that learners recruited for Learnerships meet the qualification criteria of learning assumed to be in place.
4. Arrange a meeting* to sign a quality assurance contract with the SABPP.
5. Copies of agreements with learners as well as copies of their ID documents must be lodged with the SABPP by the contracting body as soon as they have been recruited and the agreements concluded.
6. As soon as the Provider has enrolled the learners, a copy of the enrolment list with full registration data of learners must likewise be lodged with SABPP.
7. Learner registration data must be uploaded by the Provider on the SABPP MIS system after written permission is given by the LQA Committee .
8. The SABPP will expect the Provider to provide information on the internal moderation process and results at least 6 weeks before the end of the project. Final Integrative Summative Assessment is compulsory.
9. The SABPP will expect the provider to upload achievement results after verification has been done.

Facts about a SABPP LQA Learnership

1. SABPP is an LQA and not a SETA and therefore cannot initiate learnerships as it does not have levy funding to support such learnerships.
2. However, every SETA does have an HR component within its ranks and HR Learnerships can be initiated by any SETA and also by companies and government departments willing to carry the quality assurance costs of such a learnership.
3. The SABPP is the quality assurance body for such HR Learnerships.
4. An organisation initiating any HR Learnership must contract with the SABPP for the quality assurance services (monitoring, verification, NLRD uploading and certification).
5. The Learnerships may only be offered by Providers who have been accredited by SABPP or who have Learning Programme Approval(LPA).
6. The SABPP LQA charges for its services and can only render such services on a full cost recovery is.
7. Each learnership is unique and a quotation is supplied, terms of reference agreed upon and a contract signed with the initiating organisation. SABPP LQA charges for monitoring and verification visits, NLRD uploading and certification etc.

* Before the meeting please provide the following information:

  • Name of commissioning or contracting body
  • Date of commencement of learnership
  • Details of qualification to be used in the learnership
  • Name of training Provider
  • Name of workplace Provider
  • Number of learners
  • Geographic locations of both workplace Provider and Training Provider

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