Welcoming a new Employee by Peter Streng

The Workplace through the Lens of Attitude by Gcina Mthembu
September 11, 2018
Who Pays your Salary? by Peter Streng
September 11, 2018

Did you know that one of the main reasons why new recruits don’t stay the course is that, once they start their new jobs they are hastily introduced to some employees and then left to fend for themselves? How utterly unwelcoming is that!

So, what’s the answer? How do we set up an employee to succeed from day one? How do we not set up an employee for failure? Well, quite simple really: we create the conditions for the newbie to thrive from the first minute of their arrival until they are well and truly settled. ‘Easier said than done’, you might say. ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.‘Yes’, because it does require some forethought and effort, and ‘No’, it is not rocket-science! It is after all common sense.

Remember how you felt when you started a new job: were you made to feel welcome, or even special, or were you largely left to you own devices to ‘sink or swim’? Be honest – how much effort was put in to ensure that you could hit the deck running from the get-go? Was your first few days and weeks a soft-landing or a crash-landing?


Our experience has taught us that those employees who are properly inducted or on-boarded (to coin a phrase) are far more likely to stay longer and perform better than those who are thrown to the wolves from day one!

Induction, Orienting or On-boarding is much more than perfunctory introductions to one’s new colleagues. It is about, as said above, creating the conditions for the new employee to integrate into the new setting, culture, values and getting to know the way of doing things in the new unfamiliar environment; of understanding what makes the new organisation ‘tick’; of understanding policies and procedures; of understanding the Vision, Mission and Strategic goals of the entity and investing in the new employee the ingredients necessary, to become a psychological ‘owner’ of the organisation. Surely we want the new recruit to have an emotional connection and engagement with the new employer from day one?