Commissioners of Oaths 

SABPP Registered Professional now Ex-Officio Commissioners of Oaths

In pursuit of our strategy of providing a voice for the HR profession, we are proud to announce that after months of work with the Department of Justice, the Minister has gazetted a Designation of SABPP registered professionals as ex-officio Commissioners of Oaths. This means that members registered in the categories of Master HR Professional, Chartered HR Professional, HR Professional and HR Associate may now administer oaths or affirmations; take solemn or attested declarations; and certify documents to be a true copy of the original.

We believe that designating SABPP HR professionals to become Commissioners of Oath will, we believe, yield benefits for the country, inter alia the following:

Any comments or enquiries regarding the role of HR professionals as Commissioners of Oaths may be sent to the SABPP office on Become a member